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New Decade. New Direction.

As we approach the governorship elections scheduled for September 19, 2020, it is our responsibility to let Edo people know the choices before them.

Our program is a clear roadmap of where we want to arrive together. It is not a wish-list, its not a simple agenda but a realistic programme built on our vision for growth and development.

Our roadmap will be well costed and realistic. It will certainly not just be a vote catching exercise.

We will build and improve on some programs while reviewing others that havent performed so well. We will change what needs to be changed. We will deal with them. Challenges in government are complex and not Simple. To deal with them takes hard work, complex research and deep thinking. Governor Godwin Obaseki possesses these attributes!

But above all, we want to ensure inclusivity and that everyone has an equal chance of contributing towards the success of our State.

Because Edo is for all.

Edo does not belong to some exclusive group, a politician or party. That is the past.

This is what We promise you. That your State will be yours.

If you are young we will offer you all the opportunities to further your studies and succeed, to achieve your full potential.

If you are a worker we will make sure that you have a job that you deserve.

If you are in business, we will give the space to grow and thrive successfully .

This is what PDP stands for… Making Edo People Matter!

…Resetting Edo for a Better and Brighter Tomorrow


Chris Osa Nehikhare

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