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After the Governor had sourced for Funds from his Outside Sources to run the State which involved paying off most of the Pressing debts he inherited from his Predecessor, he was allegedly told to Commence forthwith the immediate payments of N500,000,000 million Naira Monthly to the would-be godfather and his minions (as Honorariums) house rent Lawyers, CDA Crooks, Land and Money doublers, Ex Convicts, Agberos, Pro-Criminals, Tigers and Lions et al. Imagine, N500,000,000 Naira monthly for these sets of undemocratic, anti social and Lazy Lowlifes. These are the sets of Criminal Liabilities and mediocre – appendagees that Boasts everywhere that they will unseat our democratically elected, God Fearing, Hardworking, Masses Oriented Governor Godwin Obaseki – who is undoubtedly the most hardworking governor in Nigeria and One of the most decent Edo men in recent times.
Apart from coming from a Pedegree of enviable Achievers – THE OBASEKIS, this Governor has exhibited the Spirit of God’s Own in all his administrative and democratic endeavours.
It is a Huge Joke for a handful of unprogressives and the above described evil minions to attempt their evil Ventures that are geared towards unseating our God Crested Governor so as to Loot the Edo Treasury.
He has never been a member of any Secret Cult, he has never been a member of any Criminal gang, he has never been a Looter or exists solely on stolen government funds, he is not indicted by EFCC or any Court in Nigeria, he has no interests in Lions or Tigers.
He has written his name in Gold and the Edo People both at home and in the diaspora are with him in Every step he Takes.
God bless governor Godwin Obaseki, God Bless all Edo People.
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